Private Equity / Venture Capital

Grow your wealth by becoming an investor in Mining, Real Estate, Agriculture and Startup companies with great potential return expectations and social consciousness. Private equity funds are professionally managed investment programs that typically invest in private enterprises.

Nissi-Lloyds will assist you in making investments in firms where capital and managerial resources are properly allocated to increase profitability and deliver attractive returns. Private equity funds can operate in a variety of businesses, with some focusing on certain industries where they can use niche expertise, while others invest across multiple industries to diversify their portfolio. That’s why at Nissi-Lloyds, we collaborate with individual clients to create and implement a customized investment strategy. And we work with you to assess your present objectives, dreams, resources, savings, and investments.

We also collaborate with a number of external lawyers and advisors who specialize in family office services and are committed to providing a solution that goes beyond creating a profit. The term for a successful private equity/venture capital investment is 5-7 years. At the end of the term, the fund will sell the investment, and you receive your initial capital and profit from the fund.

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