Financial Advisory And Capital Raising

Nissi-Lloyds Advisory engages in Financial Advisory business and Capital Raising from both local and offshore Investors. Our goal is to protect and improve our clients' financial situations.

We collaborate with each client to create and implement a customized investment strategy. And we work with you to assess your present objectives, dreams, resources, savings, and investments. We then create a solution together, then implement it in a way we both agree works for you. The strategy, investments, and goals are monitored, adjusted, and changed over time to keep up with your life and the capital markets.

Diligence, analysis, expertise, and patience are all required for successful investing. As such, Nissi-Llyods’ advisors have experienced a wide range of market cycles and economic conditions. We make decisions on your behalf to position your portfolio relevant to your goals over time, aiming to raise capital while also providing the principal protection you desire. We have the ability to provide our clients with options for both investing strategy and compensation method: Fee-based professional management; load and no-load mutual fund asset allocation; traditional transactional brokerage and investing solutions.

Through active investment management, we aim to provide customers with higher long-term returns while aiming to reduce risk. Are you ready to get started in raising capital, or you want to discuss further which investment is best for you?

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