Nissi-Lloyds Capital and Investments, LLC is a leading independent multi-discipline financial services firm, incorporated to carry out the business of financial advisory services and alternative investments

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Nissi-Lloyds Capital

Why You Need Nissi-Lloyds Capital & Investments

We are well positioned with the right mix of capital, management and operational expertise enabling us to manage your portfolio and deliver consistent and outstanding performances. Our dynamic management team and research analysts will help you make a successful investment out of challenging situations.

Unparalleled Innovations!


We are problem solvers, partners and pioneers.

Our innovative approach to investment will help you recognize value or the potential for value where others cannot see it.


Nissi-Lloyds In The News!

Protecting Nigerias Revenue Through Crude Oil Hedging 

Africa is the most Investable Continent

Investment Adviser calls for Nigerian crude oil hedging

Our Services

Financial Advisory

Capital Markets

Securities, Currency and Commodity Trading

Private Equity Investment

Offshore Capital Sourcing

Public Sector Advisory

Debt Structuring and Restructuring

Derivatives Advisory